Owner: Bob Clafton Why We Do What We Do Passion is one of those intangibles that drives business owners, and gets them through the good times and the bad times. Ultimately passion dictates the success of our business and our clients. If we succeed so do our clients. We want all customers as reference. We try our best to do the job. No business success should be based upon its own clients failure. A core of any ethical business is that both company and client should come out ahead. Drive: What Motivates us are new design challenges. New challenges lead to mastery and growth. The drive do something because it is interesting, challenging, and absorbing is essential to stay completive in todays world.  
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Why use our Services? Companies need to keep evolving and producing more with less to stay competitive in today’s ever changing business market. This might be working with less workers or with less of a budget. Solving these problems is not easy. Companies still have to focus on their day-to-day operations, after all, and new projects typically require re-prioritizing employees job responsibilities. Also hiring new employees to fill these gaps doesn’t always make sense either. Only business owners understand how much time and effort goes into hiring an employee. There is the tax burden, benefits like health care, unemployment, and workman’s compensation. If the person does not work out the company has to start all over and go through the hiring process again from the start. In instances like this, consultants basically serve as temporary, highly skilled employees. We’re not full-time employees of the company, so it is often cheaper to use us than hire someone new. Because we switch around companies often, we’re used to a fast learning curve, and when the project is over there is no burden to let us go until the next project. We have worked on large project management jobs and simple one week jobs. We have the experience so let us help you. We have cultivated many relationships in the drafting and engineering fields. We might even be able to at least point you in the right direction to get your project done.  
SOCIAL ADDRESS 103 NE 20th St. Grand Rapids, MN 55744 CONTACT Mail: brclafton@claftonandclafton.com Phone: 218-256-1209       Industrial Design Clafton & Clafton has been involved with large industrial projects. In 2015 we helped manage an on site fabrications shop and processed 1,500,000 pounds of steel. Castings & Composite parts We have worked on a number of jobs working with castings and plastic parts. We have helped with injection plastic part design. We have the capabilities of checking plastic parts to ensure they release from the injection mold. Reverse Engineering Clafton & Clafton reverse engineering projects.  This was one of the more complex shapes we measured up and made a plug for to produce a fiberglass snowmobile hood. Sheet Metal Design and Drawings Experience in sheet metal design. We have worked with thin sheet parts, industrial type sheet metal design, and large plate steel jobs. We can help coordinate with fabrication shops to get your job done. Machine Part Design Experience with Complex Custom machine parts. Design knowledge in making CNC ready files. Some companies donít take into account manufacturing processes and the fabrication shops have to rework their CAD models Jig Design Let us help create a jig for your production weld jobs. Here is a jig that can except multiple stand offs for different  engine mounts.
We want every customer as a reference !
Contact Us Bob Clafton Phone: 218-256-1209 email: brclafton@claftonandclafton.com